Euro 2016: 'UEFA have to take share of the blame', says talkSPORT England correspondent

Euro 2016: 'UEFA have to take their share of the blame', says talkSPORT England correspondent

Fans flee the violence at the England-Russia match

Monday, June 13, 2016

Nigel Adderley, talkSPORT's England correspondent,  says "UEFA have to take their share of the blame" after violence scenes at Saturday’s Euro 2016 match between England and Russia.

In 1998, England fans rioted at the opening game of the World Cup in Marseille, and the correspondent believes the authorities should have foreseen the likelihood further trouble.

“Why did they let the game take place in Marseille on a Saturday night?” he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. “It was an accident waiting to happen, and UEFA seemed to ignore that.

“Couple that with the situation inside the stadium, where the segregation and the stewarding was a joke, and UEFA do have to take their share of the blame.”

Adderley warned that organised attacks could endanger future tournaments. "The violence perpetrated by many of the Russians was was coordinated and that's something they really need to crack down on, not because of the competition here but also because of the World Cup in Russia in two years time.”

"It's significant they're investigating the Russians and not the English, because inside the stadium, the English didn't do anything wrong. But there is an element of people who follow England who get drunk and get rather obnoxious, and become part of trouble."

UEFA has threatened to disqualify England and Russia from the tournament if any further violence takes place. Elsewhere, there have also been problems with fans from Germany and Ukraine.

"It's a problem which has been widespread right across France at the start of this tournament," says Adderley. "Had this tournament been played in England, I don't think these situations would have been allowed to occur. We're used to policing football hooligans.

"They are simply not giving people the best opportunity to enjoy it."