Fast food survey results: 'We should be making it easier to be healthy,' says Dr. Dawn Harper

'We should be making it easier to be healthy,' says Dr. Dawn Harper about the Royal Society for Public Health childrens' fast food survey results

The GP and broadcaster spoke to Paul about childhood obesity

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dr. Dawn Harper has expressed her concerns about childhood obesity.

This follows a survey of young people by the Royal Society for Public Health, which revealed that one in four have ordered fast food takeaways to their school. More results turned up by the survey highlighted one in five 10 to 11 year-olds are obese.

Dr. Harper expressed how serious of a problem she thought this was. 

"I'm genuinely worried about childhood obesity," she told Paul Ross. "We know children who go into senior school overweight or obese have a high chance of becoming adults who are obese. 

"It's much easier to be overweight than a healthy weight, frankly. 

"We absolutely have to deal with this."

More of the survey's results included young people suggesting food packages should be labeled according to their entire fat, salt and sugar content, not just per serving.

"What I find interesting is this is being talked about by the children," she added. "I really love the fact if you ask the kids, they know.

"They want to know what the whole package contains. Kids say it as it is.

"If we can engender healthy lifestyles in our children, then our outlook and future is much better.

"We should be making it easier to be healthy."