Father vs son! Stanley Johnson responds to Boris... and he's voting Remain

Father Vs Son! Stanley Johnson responds to his son Boris thoughts on why people should vote to leave the EU

The father of the former Mayor of London joined Sam Delaney ahead of the referendum

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

With voting due to open tomorrow and the UK to decide on its future in the European Union, tension is growing high. 

Ahead of the vote, Stanley Johnson, a former conservative MEP for Wight & Hampshire – who's opting to remain in the EU – joined Sam Delaney for a chat. 

One of the key reasons Johnson had made his choice is because of EU environment policy.

"The environment is above all something which affects more than one country," he said. "I've been involved for 30 years in all of this. 

"I do believe having a strong European environmental policy has helped this country. 

"Indeed, this country has helped the development of a strong European policy. It's been a two-way street."

His son Boris is a staunch campaigner for the UK to leave the EU.

"To tell you the honest truth, there's not a million miles between us," he added. "I share his concern about immigration, I share his concerns about the direction of travel. 

"But where we differ is when I say 'take control', I mean get back on board the European ship and steer it back to where it belongs."

Because of their positions, our drivetime host put Stanley through a game of Father vs Son, where some of Boris's points were put to the former MEP.

Listen in above!