Film alleges tobacco companies targeting African Americans

Film alleges tobacco companies targeting African Americans

A cigarette sits in an ashtray

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lincoln Mondy joined Jonny Gould feat. Ash to discuss his university film project which has uncovered targeted efforts by the tobacco industry towards African Americans.

The companies are allegedly targeting menthol cigarettes towards African Americans, according to the student’s film project Black Lives/BlackLungs.

“When I was growing up I had a unique experience of seeing both sides, because I’m bi-racial," he explained while talking about how his project first came about.

"Only the black side smoked menthol… only until two years ago did I realise it was because of strategic targeting from the tobacco industry.”

He said that menthol flavoured cigarettes are advertised to the African American community, as “they are the hardest to quit because the menthol masks the harshest of the cigarette and tobacco."

He also claimed that cigarette companies are allegedly targeting African Americans because they say it would not be appropriate to exclude minority audiences. 

“[They say] 'we target everyone with our products, we don’t do anything different, we’re progressive, we believe in diversity’. 

"They turn it all around, they purposefully and specifically target our community.”