'He is just not up to it,' says Labour MP Wes Streeting as he calls for Corbyn to go

'He is just not up to it,' says Labour MP Wes Streeting as he calls for Corbyn to go

The Labour MP for Ilford North argues Corbyn is 'not a credible alternative Prime Minister'

Monday, June 27, 2016

Wes Streeting MP has condemned the current turmoil in the Labour Party in the wake of the vote on UK membership in the European Union and called for Jeremy Corbyn to stand down. 

Thirty seven members of Jeremy Corbyn's team have now resigned following Hilary Benn's sacking amid accusations of plotting a coup.

A new cabinet has been announced, but the Labour leader still faces criticism of his performance in the EU referendum and calls for him to stand down as leader – which he has refused to do in an official statement. 

Streeting, the MP for Ilford North, couldn't contain his shock at the state of the party.

"I'm pretty aghast to find we are in complete disarray when we've got an important job to do as the opposition," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "There's a vacuum of leadership from the government and no sign of prospective opposition. 

"This worries me because it's very clear we're looking at a general election in the next couple of months. Given how momentous the decision taken by the public was and the implications for our country, this is not how politics should look like and Jeremy Corbyn is just not up to it."

Streeting dismissed the credentials of the new shadow cabinet and insisted the embattled Labour leader needed to stand down. 

He said: "The shadow cabinet list is not a credible alternative government and Jeremy Corbyn is not a credible alternative Prime Minister. I have no doubt whatsoever the best thing for the Labour Party today – given the job we have to do – would be for Jeremy Corbyn to accept he's lost the confidence of his parliamentary party, to step down with dignity, allow Tom Watson to take over as acting leader and bring the party back together. 

"Tom Watson is a heavyweight politician, he can land punches on the government, but he's also got respect across the party.

"He's certainly the person to bring us back together and to make sure we're doing the job of effective opposition."