'He should be considered for medal', says Royal Society of St. George on man who tried to help Jo Cox

'Bernard Kenny should be considered for something', says Royal Society of St. George on the man who tried to help Jo Cox

Bernard Kenny attempted to stop the attack on Jo Cox MP

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The chairman of The Royal Society of St. George has called for Bernard Kenny, the man who intervened in the attack on Jo Cox in an attempt to save her, to receive an award.

"He should be considered for something," he told Jonny Gould and Ash. "There's a big process to go through, but yes he deserves something. If what I've read in the paper is right, that man was wiling to put his life of the line to save a lady's life.

"Whether it's the George Cross, the George medal, the Queen's gallantry medal or even the Queen's commendation for brave conduct, he does deserve something."

The process of receiving such an award can be lengthy, but Peedle claimed that: "you can speed things up. It's [done] through the government’s award committees, and award system.

"Anyone who gets the George Cross or the Victoria Cross automatically becomes one of our honorary members for life.

"It's a Royal Society, and Her Majesty the Queen is our patron. We try and encourage Englishness, history of England and celebrating St. George's Day.

"They've got to be correct, they've got to be right and there mustn't be too many of [the awards given]."