'He tried to shout them down, I find it distasteful', says MP Kate Hoey about Bob Geldof

'They tried to shout them down, I find it quite distasteful', says MP Kate Hoey on Bob Geldof's comments

Bob Geldof aboard the flotilla on the River Thames

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sir Bob Geldof called Nigel Farage a "fraud" today from a boat on the River Thames – and MP Kate Hoey says she found it "quite distasteful".

Farage led a flotilla of fishing vessels up the Thames in an attempt to urge Parliament to keep control of British waters.

But he was met by a second fleet carrying Geldof, supporting the Remain cause. Geldof shouted across to Farage that he is "no fisherman's friend" and announced, "you're a fraud, Nigel."

Labour MP Kate Hoey was on the boat with Farage.

"Some people on [Bob Geldof's] own boat were appalled," she told Sam Delaney.

"I just want to tell you how he was sticking up two fingers at little boat fishermen who'd come all this way to try to be listened to, and they were trying to drown them out, because they had a huge, expensive mega system.

"They tried to shout them down. I find it quite distasteful, and actually quite sad that this is what it's come to. No one's listened to the fishing industry over the years."

Leave supporter Hoey finds the idea that Geldof wants to stay in the EU surprising.

"Our fishing industry has been destroyed, because we've had to give it up to other countries.

"It's interesting that he's not talking about how the European Union actually discriminates and destroys farming and development in Africa. The EU imposes a ban, an embargo, and very high tariffs on food from Africa."