Hillsborough verdict: 'The police should be hanging their heads in shame', says Graham Beecroft

Hillsborough verdict: 'The police should be hanging their heads in shame', says Graham Beecroft

South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable David Crompton giving a statement after the verdict

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Radio broadcaster Graham Beecroft has slammed South Yorkshire Police following the verdict of the Hillsborough inquiry yesterday, saying they should be "ashamed" of their actions. 

Beecroft was a commentator at the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in 1989 when the disaster unfolded. The police repeatedly pinned the blame for the 96 deaths on Liverpool supporters, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Yesterday (Tuesday), the inquiry ruled the victims were unlawfully killed, with the police having made serious errors which created a "dangerous situation." The verdict declared the fans were in no way responsible.

"South Yorkshire police have an awful lot to answer for here," Beecroft told Jonny Gould. "They should be hanging their heads in shame because they've eroded away the idea of the police being beyond reproach."

David Crompton, the chief constable of South Yorkshire Police, gave a statement following the inquiry's decision, "unequivocally" accepting the blame and apologising to the families of victims. Despite this, Beecroft couldn't contain his disgust. 

"I couldn't believe the gall of him [Crompton]", he added. "In 2013, he described an email regarding this [claims against the police] as full of lies.

"Just weeks before the inquiry ended, they were still trying to paint the Liverpool supporters as drunken, ticketless, and unaccountable to the police."

The veteran reporter argued the actions of the police had a deep impact on public confidence in law enforcement over the last 27 years. 

"If the police can't tell the truth, If they try to disfigure the truth, then where are we in society?

"Who can we trust anymore?"