How to invest in wine: expert reveals what you need to know

How to safely invest in wine! Expert tells you what you need to know

The commodity can bring fantastic dividends, if handled correctly

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

An expert has explained how to avoid the pitfalls of investing in wine.

Peter Shakeshaft, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vin-X Fine Wine Investment, explained why wine scams are on the rise, and why it's a popular commodity to invest in.

"Wine is a fantastic investment, but you've got to get it right," he told Alexis Conran. "Wine has beaten others as an asset, but you need to make sure you're trading in the right way. 

"There's a lot of issues around people selling wine which isn't there, or the wrong type of wine."

Shakeshaft highlighted what you need to look out for as a wine investor.

"You've got a look at the long-term view," he explained. "The key to it is the provenence. 

"You've got to make sure it's looked after in the right place, and traced back to the chateau. You need to get the right case of wine from the right people. 

"It is about trust, and this is why the Wine Investment Association was formed, with independent auditing.

"It's really important they have independent people coming in at all times."