Hundreds of people dying is starting to be seen as 'a normal event', claims director of Migrant Rights Network

Hundreds of people dying is starting to be seen as 'a normal event'

Migrants have been attempting to cross the sea to reach Europe

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Don Flynn claims migrant deaths have become perceived as "a normal event."

A ship capsized in the Mediterranean yesterday (Monday), claiming the lives of hundreds of victims. According to survivor reports, a boat carrying 240 migrants left from Tobruk in Libya en route to Italy. The group were then moved on to a larger vessel which was thought to have had "at least 300 people" already onboard. 

The Somali embassy in Cairo placed the death toll at an estimated 400 and, speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer, Flynn, the Director of the Migrant Rights Network, believes there is a danger people are now viewing this as the norm.

"They [the public] have become habituated to the idea the Mediterranean is a permanent disaster zone," he claimed.

"It [the problem] comes from government. They are like headless chickens at the moment and have no real contribution to make to a terrible humanitarian disaster. The politicians, political leaders and agencies in the area haven't got a solution." 

Flynn believes more progress towards solving the migrant crisis would come from raising awareness outside of political circles.  

"There is a very active campaigning refugee welcome movement extending across the country," he added. "The solution is going to come from the humanitarian side and the recognition of the fact we have to deal with it.

"We have to do what Europe is capable of doing, which is providing safe havens and a humanitarian response to a desperate human crisis."