'I can't imagine who's going to sort out that mess', says Tory MP James Cleverly on Labour Party

'I can't imagine who's going to sort out that mess', says Tory MP James Cleverly on Labour Party

David Cameron resigned last week and Labour's Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure

Monday, June 27, 2016

Conservative MP James Cleverly has claimed the Tory party has an advantage over Labour thanks to their calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign.

Shadow cabinet ministers have resigned citing Jeremy Corbyn's alleged ineffectiveness as leader of the Labour party, and some have called for his resignation following the EU referendum result.

Cleverly, the MP for Braintree, says the Conservatives have many candidates that could lead the party after David Cameron's resignation.

"The big advantage that we've got within the Conservative party is we've got a number of people, any one of whom could be a very credible party leader," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"Obviously the front runners are Boris Johnson and Theresa May, and [there are] a number of other people who are very well thought of, who could give those people a run for their money.

"I compare that with what's going on in the Labour party and I can't imagine who's going to sort out that mess," he explained. "Whoever does become the next party leader and the next Prime Minister is going to have a job to do to bring together the two sides of the party."

The MP believes there must be quick action to appoint the new Conservative leader.

"A swift but decisive leadership campaign and victory will make it much easier for the party to regroup around the new Prime Minister," he added. "If there were 10 or 15 people who felt that they hadn't had their say because there was no leadership election, I think that might be a difficult management task.

"There is definitely a very strong argument to say this should take no longer than is absolutely necessary, I think getting that clarity of leadership quickly is really important, I think all those things are achievable.

"I think as soon as the markets and businesses and people can see that the Conservatives have got a plan of action and we are moving forward, I think that will start to calm nerves."