I was right to 'stare' at Sir Philip Green, says MP Richard Fuller

'If you're doing something important you should look someone straight in the eye', says MP Richard Fuller

Former owner of BHS Philip Green clashed with the Parliamentary committee

Thursday, June 16, 2016

After the collapse of the BHS, Sir Philip Green appeared before a Parliamentary committee on Wednesday, where he told MP Richard Fuller to "stop staring" at him.

The MP claims this reflects his poor behaviour. Green had also previously threatened not to attend the committee.

"I've learnt that if you're doing something important, you should look someone straight in the eye and apparently that unnerves Sir Philip Green," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. 

"I must admit when he did that point about 'stop staring at me', my first concern was thought was: 'my gosh he's about to walk out on us', having spent weeks trying to get him here.

"He talked to Jeremy Quin, another MP, and said he should put his glasses back on, because he looked better like that."

Fuller, the MP for Bedford and Kempston, revealed he believes the sale of BHS by Green could not have been stopped despite evidence against Chappell.

"Anyone who wanted to stop that particular deal happening, would have come across exactly the same behaviour from Sir Philip Green as we had yesterday."

The billionaire has also claimed he did not know the full details about the pension deficit, which Fuller finds hard to believe.

"I think it's nonsense that he didn't know, this was an increasing loss, deficit on the pension fund that was a growing liability on the company.

"He's still in charge of the Arcadia group which has four times as many stores across the country and there's a pension fund there that's in deficit. My question is, is Sir Philip Green equally as vague?"

The MP isn't sure Green is yet planning to do anything to assist the company.

"I didn't hear practically anything beyond an apology for what he would do on behalf of the employees," he added. "Ultimately in the end there's a need for some cash to plug that gap in the pension fund."