'I was shot, stabbed and poisoned', says Pieter Tritton on Ecuadorian prison

'I was shot, stabbed and poisoned within prison', says Pieter Tritton on Ecuadorian prison

Melissa Reid returns back to Britain after a spell in a Peruvian jail

Thursday, June 23, 2016

After the news that British drug mule Melissa Reid has been released from a Peruvian jail, Pieter Tritton spoke about his experience in a prison in Ecuador. 

Reid was arrested in 2013 alongside Michaella McCollum, carrying cocaine worth £1.5 million. She has returned to the UK. McCollum was released on parole at the end of March, meaning she must stay in Peru for an as yet undisclosed period.

Tritton spent nine years in prison in Ecuador.

"I would imagine [Melissa Reid] is absolutely ecstatic and relieved to be on her way back to the UK," he told Sam Delaney. "In a South American prison you don't really know when you're going to get released, because it all comes down to negotiation.

"I wouldn't want to repeat it. I was shot, stabbed, poisoned within the prison.

"It has changed somewhat now in Ecuador, they’ve built a whole new prison system out there.

"But in the time I was there, basically you had to pretty much buy a prison cell to live in. You could have anything brought in the prison – food, clothing.

"Even as far as having to upkeep the interior of the prison itself, we would have to pay for."

Other people had to help Tritton whilst he was in prison. 

"There is a foundation in Britain called Prisoners Abroad, who help British prisoners abroad and they helped in the time I was there.

"I was relying on family and friends to send money over to keep me going. The first six months after I was released from prison [back to] England, it was just a culture shock."