"I'm frankly devastated,' caller tells Julia Hartley-Brewer on EU result

Julia Hartley-Brewer hears from a worried caller on the result of the EU referendum

'We had a strong UK and now it's going to break up' says our caller

Friday, June 24, 2016

After the result that the UK will be leaving the European Union, many are worried about our future.

Caller Chris joined Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"I'm frankly devastated to be honest with you," he told her. "I've got a European wife and I don't even know if she's going to be allowed to live in the country with my kids.

"Lets see what happens shall we? The Leave campaign have said so many lies I don't believe already.

He was also concerned about the economy.

"Why is it, yesterday when the polls were showing remain was up, the FTSE rocketed up to 6200? Today it's dropped four per cent in an hour, it dropped by 100 points in a minute.

"Some banks are already potentially going to have to move their operations to Europe. This is now becoming a reality, it is not scaremongering. It is a reality."

Chris warned that he believed the United Kingdom might now be at risk.

"If I was in Northern Ireland and I've lived through a peace protest for so long, I would be disgusted at what's happened.

"We had a United Kingdom that was strong and successful and now it's going to break up bit by bit, thanks to Cameron firstly for calling the referendum and for those people who vote to leave, it's a serious issue which the Leave campaigners ignored."