'I'm trying to earn the title 100 feet Pete' - Current stinging nettle eating world champion aims to beat his record

'I'm trying to earn the title 100 feet Pete' - Current stinging nettle eating champion aims to beat his record

This isn't your everyday delicacy

Monday, May 2, 2016

We're always being told you should eat plenty of green stuff as part of a healthy diet.

But how would you feel if part of that was stinging nettles? Not a pleasant thought, right?

But Pete Wellman is aiming to eat 100 feet of the potent plant next month as he bids to defend his crown at the World Nettle Eating Championship in Dorset.

Wellman, from Axminster in Dveon, scoffed 96 feet of stinging nettles last year - and he's determined to go further this year.

Contestants have one hour to eat as many of the painful leaves as they can, with a trophy and cash prize for the one who eats the most, and Wellman has won the competition three times.

"I first got into it after a coin toss with some friends," he revealed. "They wanted me to enter and I couldn't make up my mind, so I let the coin decide.

"Now, I'm trying to eat 100 feet [of nettles] to earn the title '100 feet Pete'. Hopefully I'll be able to get there this year."  

Passion runs high in the competition, which is taken very seriously, and clearly it's not for the faint-hearted.

"It stings your mouth, tongue, lips, hands, and nose," Wellman explained. "For a day or two afterwards you're normally recovering.

"Whatever you do though, do not drink any cider afterwards because it tends to react to the sting. It tends to froth up."