'It doesn't allow for common sense' - Possible pavement parking ban is attacked

The Alliance of British Drivers has hit out at the potential pavement parking ban, insisting it "doesn’t allow for common sense whatsoever.”

Parking on pavements causes problems for people pushing buggies

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Alliance of British Drivers has hit out at the potential pavement parking ban, insisting it "doesn’t allow for common sense whatsoever.” 

Ministers are currently considering extending a ban on pavement parking. Already illegal in London, drivers across the country could now face a £70 fine for blocking the way of pedestrians. 

But Hugh Bladen from the Alliance of British Drivers is not in favour of the proposed new legislation.

“I understand the idea behind it," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "But the trouble with a blanket law like this is it doesn’t allow for common sense whatsoever.

"Clearly what you need to do is make sure the pavements are still usable for the people who need to use them, particularly for people in wheelchairs and people with children in buggies.

"Our proposal would be that providing a metre is left on the pavement – and you have to talk in metres these days! – then it would be perfectly permissible to get your car partly off the road in order to allow enough room for traffic still to progress.

"Although I don’t like the idea of lines being drawn all over the place, it would be perfectly possible to draw a line down the pavement to show how far on to it you can go."