'It looked like the Titanic' - Hero who rescued driver from flood

'It looked like the titanic' - Bystander Gareth Parish reveals what it was like to rescue a man from a car trapped in London floods

Graham Price became stranded in his car in a flash flood

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A man who rescued a stranded driver as his submerged car filled with water in South London has told talkRADIO that the scene "looked like the Titanic".   

Gareth Parish, 24, was hailed as a hero after he used a brick to smash the window of businessman Graham Price's car after it became trapped in rapidly rising floodwaters when a month's worth of rain fell in one hour in Wallington on Tuesday. Price was then able to scramble clear.

"Everyone was panicking, saying 'someone's got to jump in and smash the window to get him out'," Parish, who had just returned to the UK from a stint working at Disneyland Paris, told Paul Ross. 

"It all happened so quickly, 15 minutes from beginning to end. I didn't have time to think.

"It looked like the Titanic. The water was gushing inside and it was up to [Price's] waist. The car was tipping forwards, that's when I grabbed this brick.

"Thankfully it smashed the window and he was able to get out and swim to the side."

The car was tipping forward. That's when I grabbed the brick
Rescuer Gareth Parish