'It won't change anything', says political correspondent after Baroness Warsi changes her decision on the EU

Baroness Warsi, former minister of state for faith and communities, has changed her mind

Monday, June 20, 2016

Political journalist Rupert Myers claims that Baroness Warsi's decision to support the Remain campaign, having previously favoured Leave, won't make a difference.

The former chairman of the Conservative party now supports the UK remaining within the European Union as she said the "hate and xenophobia" of the campaign was "a step too far."

GQ magazine's Myers however, can't see her decision swaying the vote.

"The nation woke up to a very different future this morning after Baroness Warsi decided to shift from the Leave campaign to Remain, she is a big hitter, she is a very powerful senior politician... said precisely nobody," he told Sam Delaney.

"It just won't change anything. It's been a fun headline, and of course it's up to her how she chooses her vote." 

"People criticising her for changing her mind ought to look to the man leading the Leave campaign who seems to change his mind about the European Union, or has done in the past, with some regularity.

"It's part of a wider narrative in the last couple of days, of people feeling quite uncomfortable with the way the Leave campaigners have gone about their campaigning."

The correspondent believes the outcome of the referendum is likely to be Remain.

"I think where we are now in the polls, people seem to have sobered up a bit and become a little bit less excited about the prospect of going it alone."