'It'd be better if tickets stagger people's arrival', says motoring expert on Glastonbury traffic

'It would be better if tickets stagger people's arrival', says motoring expert on Glastonbury traffic

Some were stuck in traffic for up to 12 hours en route to the festival

Thursday, June 23, 2016

As Glastonbury organisers warned festival-goers not to set off for early due to traffic congestion, motoring editor Amanda Stretton called for tickets to include staggered arrivals.

Drivers were stuck in queues of up to 12 hours yesterday on major routes to the festival. Police advised people to avoid the area unless it was absolutely necessary.

Former racing driver Stretton calls for specific arrival times for the fans in future.

"Everybody knows there's been a huge amount of water lately and the problem is when you have a huge amount of people travelling to events, you come down on motorways, you then go on to A roads," she told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"Particularly at Glastonbury you're then on the virtual B roads, single carriage roads, so there's always going to be a bottleneck.

"What would be a much better idea is if the tickets people buy stagger their arrival, so you have to arrive in stages just to alleviate some of thee bottlenecks. Certainly for somewhere like Glastonbury, when the action hasn't actually started yet.

"If their arrival has to be staggered, they know they're not going to get in, and it gives the police and the authorities a chance to clear some of the traffic."

The Goodwin Festival of Speed is also taking place at the moment, and she explains how the rain has caused problems there too.

"You come down on the roads but as soon as you get off the main road into the car parks, which are all on the grass, it's terribly muddy, cars and getting stuck.

"Car parks have had to be closed in order to allow them to dry out a little bit and it's causing gridlock in the surrounding area."

The motoring expert advises people to be ready for the queues.

"Plan your journey very carefully, make sure you're well prepared, and take something to eat and drink."