'It's a human story' – Matt Lorenzo on his Bobby Moore film

Matt Lorenzo on the life of Bobby Moore and his new film

A new documentary shows the other side of England's famous captain

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sports journalist Matt Lorenzo has created a feature length documentary about the life of footballer Bobby Moore.

Bobby was co-produced and written by TV presenter Lorenzo, and uses archive footage and interviews to tell the tale of the 1966 World Cup winning captain. 

"I wanted to do it because he was a family friend – I grew up with him," he told Sam Delaney. "I think most people agree now he was badly treated towards the end of his life, and I wanted to redress the balance."

"It's a human story, the bloke battled with cancer twice. When he knew it was too late for him, he continued to fly out to Edinburgh while he was dying to help with the research of the disease that was killing him."

Lorenzo also discussed the huge differences between football then and now.

"I think it was a better game then, it was a slower game, there was dribbling going on that we don't see too often.

"At the time, if anything, the journalists earned more than the players did! So there was that bond, they were genuinely close.

"It's very difficult to have sympathy for someone who gets £300,000 a week [now], but the differences are there was no social media there weren't people hanging outside pubs and clubs with phones that are cameras.

"Not one of us have been through that apart from them, so it's very difficult to criticise in that regard."

The journalist plans to create more films.

"He would never open up and I think what we've achieved in the film by speaking to the only people he ever spoke to, the two women that he married, we've got the real story.

"Looking at the archive was brilliant, it's like sitting and watching YouTube when you're supposed to be working at home.

"It's more than just football, and there are some lovely contributions.

"I've done it now and in many ways I want to do it again, because you make all your mistakes. So if I do it again, I'll do it a lot more efficiently."