Jo Cox: "I really hope haters will pause and reflect," says Stephen Kinnock MP

Jo Cox: "I really hope all of those haters will pause and reflect on this tonight," says Stephen Kinnock MP

The MP for Port Talbot paid tribute to the murdered MP

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stephen Kinnock MP has expressed his wish that "all those haters will pause and reflect" after the tragic death of Jo Cox. 

The MP for Batley and Spen died after being shot and stabbled multiple times. Kinnock, the MP for Port Talbot, shared an office with Jo Cox. He gave a heartfelt tribute.

"I've known her for 20 years," he told Jonny Gould. "She was always so full of energy and life and warmth. 

"She was an amazing person, a dear friend, she commanded respect from all sides of the house.

"She could always convince you even on your darkest day in Westminster you could do it.

"There can never be another Jo Cox. We're just devastated."

Kinnock told listeners how much he hoped this tragic incident might prompt a change to the way people treat each other online and in the media.

"One of the things which worries me is the tone sometimes of what gets written and said by politicians and the media," he added. "For me, it feels like it opens the door. 

"Some of the stuff in my inbox is just vile. It makes me think sometimes if people think it's okay to say horrible stuff, it's not far to go to actually doing horrible stuff.

"I really hope all those people out there, all of those haters, will pause and reflect on this tonight."