Jo Cox: Security expert Will Geddes says MP safety needs to be reviewed

Jo Cox: Security expert Will Geddes highlights changes for MP safety

MPs have been advised to contact the police about their security

Friday, June 17, 2016

A security expert has highlighted how a review of MP security is needed following the murder of Jo Cox MP.

 MPs have now been advised to contact the police about their security in the wake of Cox's death. Will Geddes, a security consultant, pointed out there are a number of factors to consider for people in the public eye.

"The question is what form protection is going to take," he told Paul Ross. "This is someone who needs to interact with the public and also has a suitable public profile, so there would be pictures and contact points so those who do have malintent can potentially plan around and decide where they want to make their approach.

"Culture is changing drastically. I've seen a significant increase in threats being made against people in the public eye in the last ten years. A lot of this is down to social media and people being able to vent their rage.

"Something which needs to be reviewed now with MPs is they need to designate specific, safer locations where they can meet with their constituents." 

Geddes pointed out how this could be done, and the potential difficulty.

"There are so many different aspects to the risks," the consultant explained. "For instance, is it an open area? Is it a closed room?

"I think the surgeries can still be carried out in environments where you can put in controls. 

"They could be given advice in conflict management, but as we've seen in Jo Cox's case, this is incredibly difficult to predict."