Jon Holmes gets the expert view on dealing with 'peeping tom' horses

Jon Holmes gets the expert view on dealing with 'peeping tom' horses

Horses and crime. You'd have never thought it

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Security consultant Peter Bleksley has called for the police to investigate possible breaches of the law carried out by... horses!

This follows numerous complaints to Gloucestershire Constabulary following the re-introduction of horse patrols. Residents have moaned their privacy has been breached by "mounted officers checking for unlocked doors and open windows" by using the height advantage. The animals - and their riders - have been labeled 'peeping toms'. 

Bleksley, a former Metropolitan Police detective, pointed out the police in Gloucestershire didn't actually need something so obvious as horses.

"It sounds laughable," he told Jon Holmes. "They have CCTV, drones, and what do the cops do? They resort to somebody on the back of a horse peering over a garden fence."

Bleksley was a victim of horse crime himself - he was trodden on outside a football stadium. He called for something to be done to curb the rate at which horses commit offences.

"It really, really hurt," he added. "Clearly if there are breaches of the law going on, they need to investigate this."