Ken Livingstone warns of the dangers faced by politicians

Jo Cox: Ken Livingstone warns of the dangers MP's face

Former London Mayor Livingstone says he has faced death threats in the past

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ken Livingstone has warned of the dangers faced by MPs in the wake of Jo Cox's murder.

"A couple of times when I was doing my surgery, you felt a bit nervous because the person [speaking to you] was so angry," the former London Mayor told Paul Ross.

"There was a time in 1992 when someone who worked on my re-election campaign had some sort of breakdown, and the police warned me he'd bought a gun and was planning to kill me with it. It took a couple of days to catch him."

The former MP revealed his concerns over violent crime and the possibility of it rising.

"We all focus on Muslim terror groups but I think there's going to be an increasing number of terrorist attacks and some from very embittered old right wingers.

"Fortunately we've never gone mad and just taken the view that everyone can have a gun, but knives are there and there's an increasing number of guns coming in to Britain illegally."

He also expressed his sympathy for Cox's children.

"They'll never really get to know what their mum could have achieved. You really want your parents to be around well in to your middle age."