Kesha vs Dr. Luke: 'How is she supposed to prove sexual abuse allegations?' asks Gemma Calvert

Kesha vs Dr.Luke: 'How is she supposed to prove sexual abuse allegations?' asks Gemma Culvert

Kesha recently rejected a settlement offer

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Music industry hotshot Kesha is refusing to back down in her battle with Dr. Luke.

The 29-year-old is still trying to get out of her contract with Sony following allegations of sexual abuse aimed at the world renowned producer. 

She has claimed the abuse she suffered was both emotional and physical, spanning the course of a decade. Recent reports suggest she was offered her freedom from her contract in exchange for apologising and withdrawing her accusations of sexual assault, an offer the singer has chosen to decline.

Entertainment journalist, Gemma Calvert, spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer about Kesha's recent rejection of the offer, and the implications that has on the overall case.

On Kesha's decision to reject the settlement: “The key point is, Kesha said yesterday on her Instagram account she was offered an opportunity to be free from her contract if she retracts the claims about the rape allegations. She is refusing to free herself now, she doesn’t want to back down from this. She had the opportunity to free herself from the contract, she is choosing to stick to her allegations."

On the origins of the case: "It's been going on since October 2014. She sued Dr. Luke, who's a super producer. He's worked with hundreds of different artists over the years, and he really masterminded her career when she got her break in 2005. She said he subjected her to a ten-year campaign of abuse which was both emotional and physical."

On how the industry is supporting her: "Many female artists [Adele, Taylor Swift] are backing Kesha, saying she needs to be freed - you've got the hashtag #freeKesha. People are saying she needs to be freed because she's a woman who claims to have been victimised by this man and why should she stay in a working relationship with him when he has allegedly done these things?"

On the trouble with proving her case: "This is the difficult point. It goes back to the conversation many people have when dealing with victims of abuse. We cannot decide what is right or wrong for victims of abuse, whichever way they wish to pursue their claims. This is the issue isn’t it, with any sort of sexual abuse allegations, how do you prove it?”

On why Sony can't just let her out of the contract: "Sony partnered with Dr. Luke’s label in 2011. What they’re [Sony] saying is they’re not in a position to terminate the contractual relationship between Dr. Luke and Kesha because she signed a separate deal with his production company. Dr. Luke is such a huge person within their arsenal, he brings in millions of pounds a year so I think they have to be extremely careful because nothing has been proven."

On whether Kesha can have a career after Sony: “I think 100% she’s going to have a career. You can just imagine her first single after this. Katy Perry had a working relationship with Dr. Luke that hasn’t continued for various reasons and she’s done fabulously without him. There will be plenty of people bursting to sign up Kesha to their label should she become free from the Sony contract."