Kids' Strike: 'Blame the parents' - Best-selling author Liz Fraser on children's exam stress

'Blame the parents' - Best-selling author Liz Fraser on children's exam stress

Children will be striking over tough exams

Monday, May 2, 2016

Liz Fraser, best selling author of family life books, claims parents are to blame for their children's stress levels.

Her comments come following the news many people will be taking their children, some as young as six years old, out of school tomorrow [Tuesday] as they pursue organised action against tougher tests. The 'kids' strike' will be protesting against the rising difficulty of SATs, as they believe youngster are becoming too worked up about them.

Fraser, however, claimed it isn't just exams which can cause children's stress levels to rise. 

"It comes down to parents, and then it filters through to other kids," she told Penny Smith. "You've got the one stressed parent who stresses a child out.

"That child then stresses another child out and it flies through the class."

The broadcaster and columnist also suggested there are ways in which mums and dads can combat the issue by explaining exams are not the most important aspect of life.

"They [the children] are in a bubble of nerves over exams," she insisted. "So take a step back and talk to them about your life. 

"The more people you talk to, the more different ways of life you can see. They [exams] are not the be-all and end-all."

Fraser firmly believes in the importance of letting children take risks, so they will learn life skills.

"I'm very pro-pushing people beyond their comfort zone," she explained. "We're there so when they leave home, they can cope in the world."