Labour business tsar Anthony Watson slams David Cameron over new tax evasion laws

Labour business tsar Anthony Watson slams David Cameron over new tax evasion laws

David Cameron has faced an ongoing row over his own taxes

Monday, April 11, 2016

Anthony Watson, Labour's business tsar, has slammed David Cameron following the announcement of planned new laws to combat tax crime.

In a statement, the Prime Minister vowed the government "will legislate this year to hold companies who fail to stop their employees facilitating tax evasion criminally liable."

The news comes at the height of the row over his personal finances and offshore investments and Anthony Watson, who was previously the global Chief Information Officer for Nike, has labeled it "nonsense." 

Speaking to the Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast show, he said: "I strongly believe we should just get rid of the whole idea of tax avoidance/evasion. If you're a British citizen, pay your taxes. There should be no debate about this. It's not a poisonous statement to say individuals and businesses should pay the full amount of tax."

Watson also shared his thoughts on a number of other topics...

Watson on supporting Labour: "They are really driving social inclusion for the UK. For me, being an openly gay man, social inclusion is very important. Equality and diversity across the country is something I believe the Conservatives seem to be attacking."

Watson on Jeremy Corbyn: "I don't see any issue with Jeremy's views on economic policy or fiscal responsibility. He wants to ensure employees are treated equably and fairly. He wants to ensure businesses pay their fair share of taxes."

Watson on LBGT quotas in businesses: "I would be aghast if someone said, 'we're going to hire you because you're gay'. I just don't think it's the right thing to do for businesses. If I was black or a woman, I wouldn't want to be a position to be hired because of my ethnicity or gender. However, boards that are highly diverse lead far more profitable companies. So to me, it's commercially the right thing to do."