'A lacklustre, tedious old man' – political correspondent Rupert Myers condemns Jeremy Corbyn

'A lacklustre, tedious old man' – political correspondent Rupert Myers condemns Jeremy Corbyn

It's been reported that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn won't tell his cabinet how he voted

Monday, June 27, 2016

The political correspondent who co-wrote Corbyn – The Musical believes Jeremy Corbyn must stand down from Labour leadership.

Labour MPs have called for Jeremy Corbyn to resign, as well as threatening a motion for a vote of no confidence. GQ magazine's Myers believes that Corbyn's poor performance during the Referendum campaign should be the final nail in his political coffin.

"There’s 48 per cent who knew [leaving] was a bad idea, and then there's the people who've woken up in the past couple of days and realised they've been lied to," he told TalkRADIO's Sam Delaney.

"[Corbyn] has done a lamentably poor job of standing up for what was in the interest of the poor suckers who voted him in to power. All those hundreds of thousands of young voters who voted for Jeremy Corbyn – what did they get?

"They got a lacklustre, tedious old man who didn't even stand up for them during the greatest crisis of Britain’s peacetime history. This EU referendum was make-or-break and Jeremy Corbyn could barely have given less of a damn."

There have also been reports that, when asked how he voted in the referendum, the Labour leader would not answer.

"At the moment the opposition party is run by a man who won't even admit to his own shadow cabinet how he voted, which rather suggests he may not have been so pro-Remain as he claimed to be, somewhat half-heartedly, on the trail."

However, Myers admitted that he has 'given up' trying to predict how any Labour leadership challenge might fare.

"I thought Donald Trump wouldn't be the Republican candidate, I thought Ed Milliband would win the general election, I thought Britain would vote to remain – I don't think it's possible to predict what a Labour leadership election would result in, but one thing I'm sure of is, it's in the national interest that it results in someone other than Jeremy Corbyn leading Her Majesty’s opposition, because he doesn't care."