Lembit Öpik gets flirty with Karen Danczuk live on talkRADIO

Lembit Öpik called in to the Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast show to ask Karen Danczuk out live.

Karen Danczuk and Paul Ross

Friday, March 25, 2016

Paul Ross had a surprise caller on his show on Friday morning when Lembit Öpik rang in to ask 'selfie queen' Karen Danczuk out on a date!

Danczuk was doing the paper review on the show when she was surprised by the former Liberal Democrat MP's call. 

Öpik began with a saucy "hello", to which Paul told him not to "become Leslie Phillips". Wasting no time, Lembit immediately got to the point by asking the former Labour councillor what she had planned for the day. When she told him she might go for a walk in an unspecified park, he had a hilarious response for our listeners.

He said: "Which park? Where are you now? I could stand outside the studio and follow you around, if you'd like?"

Unfortunately for Öpik, Danczuk revealed she was "somewhat taken", but she has agreed to meet him for a coffee the next time she is in London.

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