Lembit Öpik: 'There are a quarter as many Cheeky Girls as there are Liberal Democrats'

Where have all the Liberal Democrats gone? Jon Holmes investigates with Lembit Öpik

The maverick says most Lib Dems have fled the country

Monday, July 4, 2016

In the wake of Brexit, British politics has suffered something like a mass extinction. 

The Conservatives are leaderless, some in the Labour Party want to get rid of their boss, and Nigel Farage - the Brexit firebrand - has today annouced he is stepping down. But wait – isn't there another political party we're forgetting about?

What has happened to the Liberal Democrats?

This is the question Jon Holmes put to former MP for Montgomeryshire, Lembit Öpik, who was actually in a train station looking for Lib Dems.

"The problem is we're taking a little breather," he explained. "We've all fled to the country. 

"The party thought we were going to get rewarded - I kid you not - by the government of this country under Nick Clegg. 

"In the general election, so much of the party's fighting structure was wiped out." 

"There are a quarter as many Cheeky Girls as there are Liberal Democrats. Did I sleep with both of them? I don't know, they're twins."

Lembit also called for the resignation of Tim Farron, saying he will run for the party leadership himself. That one was hard to follow, folks...