'NHS problems haven't gone away because of Brexit,' says former NHS Trust chairman

'NHS problems haven't gone away because of Brexit,' says former NHS trust chairman

Roy Lilley says there is too much uncertainty to know what will happen to the National Health Service

Friday, June 24, 2016

Former NHS trust chairman Roy Lilley claims there's too much uncertainty around Britain leaving the EU to know what will happen with the NHS.

He believes there will be a cabinet reshuffle, meaning a new health secretary.

"If we start with the NHS now, it's in a bad place," he told Yasmeen Khan. "75 per cent of hospitals can't balance their books, 60 per cent of hospitals are in trouble with the care quality commission, almost every day GP practices are closing down.

"Fundamentally it's about finances. Demand is going through the roof, and no one seems to know what to do.

"Whoever comes in to run the NHS, and I think there will be a new Secretary of State, those are the difficulties they are facing. They haven't gone away because of Brexit."

Lilley also has concerns over whether migrants will come to the UK to work in the NHS.

"We're reliant on about 55,000 in total of our staff from the EU," he added. "Will they still be able to come? If we have some kind of Australian style points system, one assumes the government would introduce whatever system it is to make sure doctors and nurses can still get here.

"[However] will they come here because of the uncertainty about what migration might do in the future, will they be able to bring their families here?

"Uncertainty is the devil in it all. It's not just the uncertainty in the NHS, it's right across the economy."

The Vote Leave campaign claimed the NHS would gain millions of pounds if we left the EU.

"This £350 million thing was a complete hoax. I'm amazed, if they were selling a product the Advertising Standards Agency would have stopped them advertising in this way.

"They eventually got to the point that it was £100 million, but there's going to be lots of other demands on that money and lets not get carried away and think it's going to happen next Tuesday.

"We're talking 2019 before we'll even know which way is up, and even then there's no assurance that that amount of money's going to come back in to the NHS."