'Our diet and lifestyle choices are making our brains foggier than ever', says Dr. Mike Dow

'Our everyday diet and lifestyle choices are making our brains foggier than ever', says author Dr. Mike Dow

Dr Mike Dow reveals a few simple steps that can super-charge your brain

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dr. Mike Dow, the author of The Brain Fog Fix, explains how you can reduce "brain fog" by making simple lifestyle changes.

His book explains how many small habits can cause you to start forgetting simple things like why you walked in to a room.

He believes making changes can reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

"Our everyday diet and lifestyle choices are making our brains foggier than ever," he told Jonny Gould and Ash.

"There are so many natural strategies that we can use to get our serotonin and dopamine levels up, and get our cortisol levels down.

"A lot of these changes have been shown to either prevent or reverse memory loss, brain fogginess, and you'll be much less likely to be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s one day."

He claims it's all to do with eating natural foods and balancing carbohydrates.

"You can actually reduce brain fog in an hour. If you went off on your dinner break and you had a big plate of pasta and I did some tests on you afterwards, right after that high carb meal, your performance in these cognitive tests would be slower.

"Artificial sweeteners kill the good bacteria in your gut. We know if you want to have a brain that's happy, less anxious, clear, your gut [is] your second brain. When you disrupt your gut, you're actually disrupting your brain.

"Coffee and red wine, both have been shown to drastically reduce your risk of brain fog."

Dow asks listeners to take his "wellness shot" each day, said to reduce plaques in the brain, which are abnormal clusters of protein fragments in the brain.

"Take a half teaspoon of turmeric and a half teaspoon of black pepper, mix that with an ounce or two of with water," he explained.

"It blocks the formation of plaques and according to all the scientists that have looked at rural Indians, this is the combination of spices they use, they have 90 per cent less Alzheimer’s disease than in a lot of western countries."