Panama Papers: Police search Uefa offices

Panama Papers: Police search Uefa offices

Swiss police raided the headquarters of European football body Uefa in Nyon

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Investigative reporter Andrew Jennings joined Jonny and Ash to discuss the latest news on corruption within Uefa.

Known for doorstepping Sepp Blatter in 2006, Jennings gave us the latest on the Uefa raids which took place earlier today after ex-secretary general Gianni Infantino was named in the Panama Papers.

According to Jennings, Infantino was the director of a company called Team which held the rights to all Uefa games.

“And when [Team] came to sell them, they needed the director to sign them off. I’ll give you a guess”.

On the UEFA raid which took place today, Jennings did not believe the investigation will go past Platini and Infantino.

“And if it is, mind you, all is up for grabs isn’t it? If somebody’s been selling things a bit cheap, I think we’ll find out”.