Police chief calls for rollout of tasers for frontline officers in England and Wales

Police chief Steve White has called for tasers to be rolled out across UK police forces because they've proven to be "incredibly effective" at keeping people safe

The Police Federation will be appealing to Theresa May to back funding to equip all police officers with tasers

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Police chief Steve White has called for tasers to be rolled out across UK police forces because they've proven to be "incredibly effective" at keeping people safe. 

Even though officers have been legally allowed to carry them since 2004, currently only one in ten is armed with a taser. The Police Federation of England and Wales is campaigning for the devices to be used across police forces following the results of a study which revealed more than a third of officers suffer from some form of physical violence at least once a month. 

In order to maintain safety, representatives at today's (Tuesday) annual Police Federation conference in Bournemouth will lobby Home Secretray Theresa May for funding to deploy tasers for frontline police constables in England and Wales. And Inspector White, the chairman of the federation, fully supports the motion. 

"Over the past ten years, tasers have been proved to be incredibly effective," he told Paul Ross. "It's been proved to protect the public, police officers, even protect the offenders we might be detaining.

"There needs to be a greater roll-out so every single frontline uniform who volunteers to undergo the training is able to carry the device."

The call comes at a time when police budgets across the country have been slashed, and the Avon and Somerset Police inspector didn't deny equipping officers with tasers would be expensive.

"Each device is about £1,200 and there's the cost of training on top of this," he admitted. "It's not cheap, but what price is justice and what price is safety of the public?

"This is why I will be asking the Home Secretary to set money aside so police constables don't have to go around scratching for money within their budgets in order to provide the protection which police officers and the public deserve."