‘Potentially it’s the beginning of a very painful break up’ – Is ‘sexting’ cheating?

‘Potentially it’s the beginning of a very painful break up’ – Is ‘sexting’ cheating?

Is 'sexting' just a bit of fun?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Relationship expert Sean Brickell has rubbished research that suggests a third of Brits believe ‘sexting’ is harmless. 

Law firm Slater and Gordon commissioned the study after finding their clients were increasingly trying to cite some kind of ‘cyber’ adultery in divorce proceedings, even though there is no legal precedent for it.

Currently, the law states grounds for citing adultery must involve extra-marital sex, but more and more people are now claiming their partners are cheating via mobile.

And Brickell completely disagrees with the results of the survey.

“I imagine normal people, in real relationships, not these one in three joke relationships, would be really hurt,” he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

“It’s very simple - you send a flirty text and it gets a bit fruitier, you’re getting really excited and then you get a text message from your partner saying, ‘Just got home from work, had a really bad day, will you pick up some broccoli?’

“The contrast between the emotions is massive and the situation will eventually discombobulate.”

And Brickell believes sexting is 'potentially the beginning of a very painful break up’.

He added: “It might not lead to anything physical but it does lead to something unhelpful and unflattering for your partner and relationship.”