Quality of care provided during strike action 'will be no less than when junior doctors are working', claims Dr Hamed Khan

Dr Hamed Khan claims NHS care will be better during the junior doctors' strike

NHS care could be better due to junior doctors striking

Monday, April 25, 2016

Care provided by the NHS will be of better quality during the junior doctors' strike, claims Dr Hamed Khan.

Junior doctors are set to walk out again on Tuesday and Wednesday between 8am and 5pm in protest against health secretary Jeremy Hunt unilaterally imposing contracts which change the terms of their conditions and pay, especially at weekends.

Khan, a GP in south London and an emergency department doctor at St George's hospital, is in support of his junior colleagues and rejected calls to bring in the new contracts as a pilot.

But he insisted patient care will not suffer during this week's industrial action.

"The doctors covering the junior doctors will be more senior to them, they'll be better qualified and more experienced," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "Care provided will be no less than when junior doctors are working."

"I'm absolutely in support of them, even if it means working longer or more intensely myself.

“This isn’t just about weekend pay or weekend conditions.

“It will create unsafe working patters. If you were about to get on to a flight and you knew the pilot had been flying for 100 hours non-stop, you wouldn’t get on the flight. Likewise you wouldn’t want a family member to have an operation[carried out] by one of these doctors if you knew they were overworked.”

There is still a slim chance the strike could be called off, but Khan insists that is down to Hunt.

"We are very much clinging to the last straws of hope we have of Jeremy Hunt seeing sense," he added. "Or David Cameron forcing him back to the negotiation table."