The Queen at 90 - Julia Hartley-Brewer asks: 'What is the future of our monarchy?'

The Queen at 90 - Julia Hartley-Brewer asks: 'What is the future of our monarchy?'

Four generations of the Royal Family (L-R): Prince Charles, The Queen, Prince George and Prince Williams pose for a picture before the Queen's upcoming 90th birthday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The monarchy costs the taxpayer £35million a year, prompting Julia Hartley-Brewer to pose the question: does Britain need a Royal Family?

No one has been closer to life inside Buckingham Palace over the past four decades than Arthur Edwards, Royal Photographer for The Sun since 1977. So he was the perfect person to provide an expert view on whether they really do provide the country with value for money.

“When I started the job I didn’t have an opinion either way,” he admitted. “But slowly, over the years, certainly with Prince Charles, I’ve watched how hard he has worked, what he does behind the scenes, for the good of others, never himself. I’ve slowly become a huge fan.

“That goes for the Queen as well. She’s 90 [on April 21] and she still does a full shift. We don’t expect anyone else to do that but we expect her to and she does it very well.”

It has been suggested the public would be unhappy with Prince Charles succeeding his mother and becoming King. Edwards, however, feels he is the perfect man for the job.

He added: “You may not like him [Prince Charles], but he’s probably the most prepared monarch we’ve ever had.

“He’s a very strong candidate for carrying on the monarchy, although I think Charles’ main duty is preparing [Prince] William for the job.”