Reverend on Jo Cox: 'This lovely, bubbly lady has been cut down in her prime'

"Rely on the god who does express goodness and love" - Reverend tells of healing after Jo Cox's death

Tributes have been pouring in after Jo Cox's tragic death (image from Brendan Cox)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A reverend has called for people in Birstall to find comfort in their faith in the wake of Jo Cox's tragic death.

The MP was shot and stabbed multiple times as she left a constituent surgery in a library in West Yorkshire. A 52 year-old Tommy Mair has been arrested in connection with the attack, and tributes from charities and MPs have been pouring in. 

Reverend Captain Paul Knight, who is the area dean in Birstall and will be leading the virgil to Jo Cox this evening, paid his own tribute to the MP for Batley and Spen. 

"We're all shocked, because it's here," he told Jonny Gould. "It seems so amazing this lovely, bubbly young lady has been cut down in her prime. 

"She was somebody who wanted to serve the community, and started to do this effectively. She'll be a great loss to all of us here.

The he called on people to heal through their faith.

"There is in the heart of every person the possibility of doing bad as there is good," he added. "Luckily there is so much good around and we want people to remember this.

"Rely on the God who does express goodness and love in so many ways."