Scottish MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh backs Nicola Sturgeon to secure 'Scotland's position in the EU'

Scottish MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh backs Nicola Sturgeon to secure 'Scotland's position in the EU'

The First Minister is adamant that Scotland should remain in the EU

Monday, June 27, 2016

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP has supported Nicola Sturgeon in her bid to ensure Scotland remains a part of the European Union. 

Last week, the electorate of the UK voted to leave the European Union, but Scottish Remain voters outnumbered their compatriots who voted to leave the EU, and the First Minister has launched a bid to ensure Scotland remains within the union. 

She has since said she would consider asking the Scottish Parliament to vote down the legislative consent motions that the UK would need to exit the EU, thereby blocking the process. 

Ahmed-Sheikh, the MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, backed Sturgeon's position. 

"Nicola is speaking as First Minister for all of Scotland," she told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "We're in a situation where the country has decisively voted to remain within the European Union, and therefore it's incumbent on her to do whatever she can to secure Scotland's position in the EU. 

"She's made it clear over the weekend she's ruling out no options as to how this is going to be achieved."

One of the options the First Minister is considering is to hold a second referendum on whether Scotland should secede from the UK, and then apply to join the EU as a separate state.

Circumstances might just allow this – the Scottish National Party's manifesto states the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another vote on independence if there is a 'significant and material' change in the circumstances from when the previous vote was held.

"The UK is no longer the entity it was in 2014 [during the Scottish referendum]," Ahmed-Sheikh added. "Everything has changed dramatically, therefore Scotland should be offered an opportunity to call another referendum based on what the Scottish National Party's manifesto says.

"The First Minister has made it clear she will enter negotiations with the biggest member states to see what Scotland's position would be. 

"We should allow her to make the contacts and connections she needs to allow her to come back to the people with a proposition."