'Someone who campaigned to leave would have more credibility in negotiation', says Conservative leadership candidate Liam Fox

'Someone who campaigned to leave would have more credibility in negotiation', says Conservative leadership candidate Liam Fox

Fox said any trade deal must not include the free movement of people in Europe

Friday, July 1, 2016

Liam Fox is one of the five candidates running for leadership of the Conservative Party in the wake of the EU referendum. The MP for Somerset, says people need a stong 'leave' voice to help negotiate over the next few years.

"We're going to be electing the Prime Minister who will actually take us out of the European Union and that requires us to have someone with experience in negotiation, someone who understands the European structures and also I think has a vision for Britain’s place in the world outside the European Union," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"The question is do the people you're negotiating with actually believe that we meant it? That's why I think someone who voted to leave and campaigned to leave would have more credibility in that negotiation."

The Conservative MP discussed what he thinks negatiations should include.

"There’s a question of clarity about our position, and I've made it crystal clear that we can't accept any trade deal outside the European Union that includes the concept of free movement. I think the public voted very clearly to reject the concept of complete free movement and uncontrolled migration.

"I think the entire [European] commission is stupid, I think this position they have, that they have rules they cannot change even if they're in the detriment of the economy of every single country in the EU. Where do you go to make up something like that?

"The common sense position is to say all the other countries who are in the EU who need to trade with the United Kingdom will want to negotiate with us, so that when we finish that process and we actually leave, there will be something already on the table.

"It's incumbent upon everybody whether they were on the leave side or the remain side of this debate, to make crystal clear that they will fulfill the will of the British people, there will no attempt to delay it, no attempt to reinterpret it, no attempt to second guess it."

The fomer GP also said politics is now much more diverse and works better.

"I think nowadays in politics thankfully we reflect a much wider range of backgrounds. Incidentally I also think it's better we get a wider range of professions, at the top of politics and not everyone coming from the insiders, special advisers and journalist and so on, so I think it's good we get the wider spread."