'These are the people who are the very architects of our society', Sam Delaney on strikes

'These are the people who are the very architects of our society', Sam Delaney's opening monologue on strikes

'Unless you strike, these Tory governments have got you over a barrel'

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sam Delaney opened his show with a passionate monologue about strikes.

Today, teachers have been on strike over funding. Junior doctors have also been on strike over their conditions, today voting no to a new contract.

"To a lot of people Jeremy Hunt represents one of the most cold and heartless faces of this Conservative government, in the way he's tried to impose this seven day NHS upon junior doctors, with barely any regard for the extended working hours,' he explained.

"Meanwhile, teachers across the country have been on strike too, in protest against the new curriculum and the mad, some would say, draconian measures that Michael Gove imposed.

"These are the people, along with junior doctors, who are the very architects of our society. We've left Europe and we think Britain can be great again and hopefully it can, but not on top of leaving Europe and all the benefits that brought.

"If on top of that we're going to use the people who are the architects, the bedrocks, the foundations, the sort of people the who often forgo the riches of the private sector because they believe in building a better society.

"If they start treating these people like numbers on a balance sheet, which is what this government does, which is what Margaret Thatcher did.

"We are not just a profit making machine, we are a society, we are a huge community and we are not just about getting value for money.

"When people moan about striking tube workers in London, they're the only ones who've got the right idea. They're the only people in the public sector getting paid a fair amount, and the reason they're getting paid fairly and others aren't is because they’ve got the bottle to strike.

"Unless you strike these Tory governments have got you over a barrel and they will try and squeeze everything out of you."