The Two Mikes - vote now in the final Winners and Losers

Mike Graham Loser 1: Dimitri Payet
Mike Graham Loser 2: George Osbourne
Mike Graham Loser 3: David Cameron
Mike Parry Loser 1: Paul Pogba
Mike Parry Loser 2: Andrea Leadsom
Mike Parry Loser 3: Paul Gascoigne
Mike Graham Winner 1: Andy Murray
Mike Graham Winner 2: Portugal
Mike Graham Winner 3: Michael Gove
Mike Parry Winner 1: Theresa May
MIke Parry Winner 2: Cristiano Ronaldo
Mike Parry Winner 3: Antoine Griezmann

‘He crashes into Ronaldo, who takes him out completely. He’s a massive loser because he tried to knacker him, which didn’t work.'

Monday, July 11, 2016

It's one of The Two Mikes' staple features on talkSPORT, and now, Winners and Losers has come to the daytime airwaves on talkRADIO!

It's the last one of this season, and our dynamic duo presented their candidates in typical no-nonsense fashion. 

The full list can be found in the gallery above, and you can vote for the winner by visiting our Twitter feed here