UK border security: Andy Burnham slams Theresa May for hiding potential funding cuts

Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham has blasted Theresa May's potential plans to cut funding to the UK's border forces

Andy Burnham

Monday, March 28, 2016

Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham has blasted Theresa May over potential plans to cut funding to the UK's border forces. 

Speaking in an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, he said: "Could there be a worse time to think about cutting border security? It really does beggar belief, but we think that's what's about to happen."

Home Secretary May has not published the budget for law enforcement along the country's boundaries yet, but Burnham says his information came from whistleblowers within UK Border Force, who were reportedly told to 'expect cuts to frontline staff of six per cent' over the next two years - a sum of roughly £88million. 

He had this message for the government: "Publish the figures firstly but, if this is true, they must drop these damaging and very dangerous cuts. They've got to make the UK secure in a time of rising threat."

A Home Office spokesman has responded to a letter Burnham had previously written, stating the department plans to increase the counter-terrorism budget and invest in new technology at the borders.