US election: Clinton and Trump need to 'step up and act with a little more decorum', says Wall Street Journal

Hillary Clinton becomes presumptive presidential candidate: 'I'm hoping this doesn't get lost in the noise around Trump', says journalist

Hillary Clinton has become the first female presumptive candidate

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

With Hillary Clinton all but certain to be named as the Democratic Party candidate for November's US presidential election, it is time for her and Republican rival Donald Trump to "step up and act with a little more decorum", says respected US newspaper the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

Convincing victories in primaries in California, New Jersey and New Mexico on Tuesday allowed Clinton to describe herself as the presumptive candidate for the Democrats, hailing the possibility of becoming the first woman to lead the country as a "milestone". 

The WSJ's Josh Robinson agreed that the prospect of a female president was a huge step forward, and said that the candidates should now put the bitter campaigning to one side and act in a more presidential manner.  

"It's absolutely huge, this is the first time in our 240-year democracy that there is this opportunity, there is a woman within striking distance of the White House," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"I'm hoping, and what America I think is hoping, is that now that we know who the two presidential candidates are, that they realise and step up to that level, realising that this election has to be conducted with a little more decorum than there's been so far.

"We're in such a bizarre scenario, this election's taken us in to such a weird alternate reality.

"Everything about the process is being questioned again, and we're beginning to realise some of the absurdities that it creates."