US election: 'Trump is rude and nasty and doesn't ring true' - Democrats Abroad spokesperson

US election: 'This is the craziest election cycle I've ever seen' - Democrats Abroad representative on Donald Trump

Donald Trump is hoping to get the thumbs up from the Republican Party

Thursday, June 2, 2016

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump is "rude and nasty" and his political arguments "do not ring true", according to Sharon Monetta from the organisation Democrats Abroad (DA). 

Monetta, who represents DAUK, told Paul Ross that the race for the Republican and Democrat nominations for the 2016 US election is the 'craziest election cycle' she has ever seen.

Trump has surprised many onlookers by emerging as favourite to win the Republican nomination despite a string of controversial comments including a call to ban Muslims from entering the US and plans to build a wall between the country and Mexico to discourage illegal immigration. 

Monetta believes that the candidate's inflammatory approach cannot offer the best prospects for her country's future.  

"I've tried to look at this in a rational way and it's very hard to do that," Monetta said. "There's a group of people, usually old white males, who have seen America's demographics change very quickly.

"To them it's scary and here's somebody that's rude and nasty and says the things they wish they could say. But it's no way to run a country."

Democrats Abroad is an official organisation for Democrats living outside the US. It supports the aims of the Democratic party and also encourages expats of all political persuasions to vote in national elections. 

"I'm an American before I'm a Democrat and I want what's best for my country," Monetta said. "I try to go through what [Trump] says even when he's calmer, but it just doesn't ring [true].

"This is the craziest election cycle I've ever seen."