WATCH: Basil Brush on Brexit, Pilates with the Prime Minister and gigging at Glastonbury

Basil Brush on Brexit and his upcoming gig at Glastonbury

Paul Ross was joined by Basil Brush in the studio

Monday, May 23, 2016

Who better to give us a lowdown on the upcoming EU referendum than legendary TV personality Basil Brush? 

He's got an exciting few weeks ahead of him, but the self-proclaimed urbane fox still found time to have a chat with Paul Ross this morning.

The beloved children's entertainer popped into the studio to give Paul his special take on the referendum, and offered a cheeky suggestion for David Cameron to help him understand freedom of movement in the European Union.

"I have a very good Pilates teacher I'd like to introduce to Mr. Cameron," Basil revealed. "She would bend him in several directions, put his leg where it's never been before, and he'll never get out of it. Unless, of course, Jeremy Corbyn is talking to him.

"If he still has a problem with freedom of movement, then I've got some bran flakes to recommend to him.

"And of course, they're talking about the problem of Turkey, but I do believe it's a little early to be talking about Christmas."

Last time he was on talkRADIO, Basil told Paul he'd love to play for Leicester City following their Premier League win, but for the moment he's got other plans in the works.

The sly old fox will be appearing alongside the likes of Adele, Muse and Coldplay at the Glastonbury Festival in the summer.

"Believe me, my voice has been known to make grown men cry," he said. "And there'll be thousands of people there crying 'stop it, we can't take it any longer, bring back Adele'."

Watch the video above to see Basil discuss all of the day's crucial news, as well as sharing his cleverly written poem about the upcoming referendum. Don't miss it.