'We should not be having a conversation about who the Labour party leader is,' claims Labour Momentum activist

'We should not be having a conversation about who the Labour party leader is,' claims Labour activist

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is backed by support group Momentum

Monday, June 27, 2016

Labour party activist Faduma Hassan, from the Jeremy Corbyn support group Momentum, has called for inward discussions to end so the party can 'start talking to the country'.

Momentum is a group set up in support of Jeremy Corbyn becoming the Labour leader, and continues to back him and the party. Some Labour MPs are pressing for a no confidence motion against Corbyn this week and several have already resigned from the shadow cabinet.

Hassan believes the Labour party needs to look at Corbyn's support within the party itself, rather than being influenced by the recent referendum result.

"I think Jeremy Corbyn can survive and he has the backing of the membership, which I think is the most important thing at the moment. It seems absurd to me that members of the Parliamentary Labour party are not showing unity at this time when the country is obviously going through many historical changes.

"Almost 60 per cent of Labour party members voted for Jeremy – the Labour membership is the highest it has been for many years. I think that shadow cabinet members should have been looking at that and what the membership wants rather than points-scoring and these silly games."

She also insisted that contrary to some Labour MPs' fears, Corbyn is capable of winning a general election as Labour leader

"I don't believe Jeremy Corbyn cannot win an election, if you look at polls and surveys, most polls that I've seen say either Labour is neck-and-neck or slightly ahead. I think Jeremy Corbyn does have the vision, he can become prime minister of this country."

However, she called for the focus to shift back to the future of the country rather than infighting within the Labour Party: "The Prime Minister has just resigned, Britain is leaving the European Union, we should not be having a conversation about who is the leader of the Labour party – we have a leader. Let's get on and start talking to the country rather than having inward conversations within ourselves."