'We're going to have to keep the pressure on them' – Nigel Farage worries Leave campaigners are backtracking

'We're going to have to keep the pressure on them' – Nigel Farage worries Leave campaigners are backtracking

Leader of UKIP Nigel Farage

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nigel Farage has revealed he now feels nervous about whether Britain will go through with leaving the European Union.

As one of the leading campaigners for leaving the EU, he believes others, such as Boris Johnson, are changing their mind about leaving.

"I was euphoric on Friday morning, at one of the biggest beatings the establishment has ever taken in British political history, and here I am on Monday evening a little bit nervous, because I think Boris is backtracking, we have Conservative MEPs like Daniel Hannan backtracking, and I'm worried, and we're going to have to keep the pressure on them.

"The result caused turmoil," he told George Galloway. "It's got rid of the Prime Minister, it's got rid of the British commissioner, I'm even told Mr Juncker now – the head of the commission – is under serious pressure, and Jeremy Corbyn's having a miserable time. 

"Things have been shaken up, the question is really back with the voters. If they're let down, maybe at by-election or the next general election, they will continue to vote against the establishment.

"A lot of backbench Tories just would not put up with the Leave vote not being honoured, and I think we could find in the next general election that there could be an alliance of people from different political parties campaigning on the one issue – that we must leave. 

"Now what we have to do, what I have to do, is to see who is going to stand for the next Tory leader – and we'll know on Thursday what the shortlist is – and I shall certainly be encouraging people to vote for the most pro-Brexit of those contenders."

Leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn has been called to resign as leader, with many of his shadow cabinet having already quit their posts while threatening to move for a vote of no confidence.

"[Labour] look doomed to me," he added. "The one big irony in all of this is that if Jeremy Corbyn had spoken out for a Leave vote, the Labour party would now be in a great position with the British public."

There has also been a petition created to have a second referendum, which holds more than 3 million signatures.

"It was never supposed to be the best of three, it was a referendum that everybody made clear, including David Cameron using £9 million of our money with a leaflet through every door, that said on the last page, this is it, whatever you decide is what the result is.

"So lets ignore petitions, lets ignore protests, lets understand that all of this is backed up by the multinationals, the merchant banks and indeed big politics, because they're upset we've taken their toys away from them."