We're heading for 'very troubled and troubling times', says Alistair Campbell

We're heading for 'very troubled and troubling times', says Alistair Campbell

Tony Blair's former advisor believes resentment caused by the economic crash swung the leave vote

Friday, June 24, 2016

Tony Blair's former aide, Alistair Campbell, claims we're heading for "very troubled and troubling times" after the result of the EU referendum.

"[When I was told the prediction Remain would win] I said right away I'm not convinced by this because I've met too many people in the last few days who are telling me that they're voting out," he told Sam Delaney.

"I think it's possible there were just forces at work here in terms of the big arguments that it was always heading in this direction.

"The reality is tens of millions of people have voted and they'll all have had their own reasons. I do think now that were in for very troubled and troubling times.

"I felt in the last few days that it was slipping away. I think what happened in a way is the Remain camp really piped the economic risk argument.

"I think the Leave camp didn't manage to project everything as scaremongering, which is all seems a but ironic today because it's worse than we were predicting."

UKIP supported the Leave campaign. Campbell believes there is good reason they succeeded where they failed at the general election.

"I think when it was for a general election, didn't look at UKIP and think 'these guys are MPs' but when it came to this the referendum, it was a very different thing, it was about the cause and arguments and so they decided to go for it.

"I think we're in a less tribal world than we used to be, I don't think people see themselves in the same way. I think they're willing to move to different positions and different parties.

"A lot of this is actually about the crash, I think a lot of the anger is about the crash the feeling that people have that it was caused by the rich money men, they've got away with it and working people and their families have paid the price."

There has also been calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign from leading the Labour party after Parliamentary Labour Party has tabled a motion of no confidence for next week.

"What the campaign has shown is that the idea of Jeremy Corbyn's style of politics is going to win back the white working class vote in the Midlands and North of England didn't have much impact. If anything, I think it was counter-productive.

"Don't forget there are some very good people in the Labour Party at the moment [who could lead it], but I think our problems go much deeper."