The Work Experience Review: Hipster Nonsense

The Work Experience Review: Hipster Nonsense

"Me and my beard have just hanging out at the cat cafe in Shoreditch," said every hipster ever

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It’s Jon Holmes' favourite review.

That's right, it's another instalment of ‘Hipster Nonsense'.

Expert on all things hipster, work experience Catriona was in the reviewer's hot-seat today, but it's always quite a tough gig.

It's no secret Jon isn’t a fan of hipsters and their man buns and such like, but Catriona was determined to convince Jon they're not all bad.

Up for review were a series of hipster days and night outs, including Bedwyr Williams' Druid Open Mic Night, the exhibition ‘The Darker Side of Felt', and Club de Fromage On Ice.

How did Catriona get on convincing Jon of the virtues of being a hipster? Well, have a listen for yourself.